As part of the My Benefits program, we help our employees in various areas of life. Depending on the position they occupy, they can benefit from the following areas:

Security & Safety

  • Life insurance
  • Discounts on property insurance
  • Discounts on motor insurance


  • IKE/IKZE pension programs
  • Investments in investment funds
  • Housing loans
  • Help in emergency situations


  • Healthcare
  • Fitness card
  • Co-financing of holiday packages
  • Apteline Profit
    • Access to the purchasing platform offering medicines, food supplements and medical supplies


  • MyMamy Program
    • Co-financing for the birth of a child
    • Co-financing for childcare
    • Dedicated healthcare package
    • Paid holiday for a child's birthday
  • Cash benefits for bank holidays
  • Gift packages (Santa Claus)
  • School starter kits

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