Facts about NEUCA

There are 6,000 of us
throughout Poland.

The average age of all employees is 38 years,
and the average tenure at NEUCA is over 6 years.

The majority of us work in 4 cities:
Toruń, Katowice, Poznań and Warsaw,
but you will find us practically all over Poland.

Offices are offices, but it is worth mentioning that many of us telecommute and work in the field.

Most of us value the opportunity to balance work and private life,
cooperation and relationships with our superiors at NEUCA.

of us are satisfied with the work in the company.

employees believe that they have a direct impact on how to do their job best.

of us think that the company provides opportunities to engage in tasks and projects that allow to develop new skills.

For 7 years, our Foundation has been organizing the
NEUCA March for Health,
which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle.

So far, nearly 25,000 people have participated in the march. Together, we have covered the distance of 225,000 kilometres.

We are a valued public company. For years, we have been regularly paying dividends to our shareholders.

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